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Art classes in San Miguel de Allende: Painting, engraving, sculpture and drawing classes.

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Art classes in San Miguel de Allende

Painting, Etching, Sculpture and Drawing Classes

Individual and group classes available all year round with the renowned professor of visual arts, Gerardo Ruiz Maldonado, a graduate of the Faculty of Visual Arts of the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM), who teaches classes in the studios of his school, which is located in the Art and Design Center “La Aurora” casa #4, in San Miguel de Allende, Gto., México.

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Art classes in San Miguel de Allende


Art classes in San Miguel de Allende: The painting classes, as well as with any of the other classes, are carried out in accordance with each individual student’s interest based upon the type of painting, and or the techniques which he/she may wish to practice. 

Among the techniques from which to choose, a range of techniques are offered from Oil Painting, Painting with Acrylic, Encaustic, Fresco, Temples, Pastel, Watercolor, even Mixed Media, Collage, such as various industrial colorants, non-conventional pigments and materials for various surfaces (wood, metal, glass, etc.)


Art classes in San Miguel de Allende: Within the field of sculpture, we offer classes in stone sculpture, (direct carving), as one of the traditional techniques, or modelling with modelling clay, clay or pastes, which can later be reproduced in fiberglass, bronze or any other metal.  Furthermore, the students may choose any type of material for the construction of models, sculptures, assemblages or objects with one or various materials.

Art classes in San Miguel de Allende


Art classes in San Miguel de Allende: The drawing classes, in individual form, are focused more toward experimentation with the different ways of representing the drawn object, through the selection of diverse materials such as carbon, graphite, oil bars, silver point, (dry media), or with oil or water based inks among others, (wet media).

Besides the technical aspects of the drawing, the different expressive possibilities will be studied through proportions, the use of lights and shadows, perspective, etc.

In the case of life drawing classes with a model, classes will only be given to groups of no less than six students, and include wet and dry materials as well as paper for both types of media.


The graphics offered in this workshop, include from the most basic etching made with a metal point or a nail over an ordinary surface to the most elaborate processes using Aquaforte, (etching on metal), through hard and soft varnishes, Chin-cole, collography, chalcography, mixography, monotype, xylography, linoleum, and many other possibilities with surface materials as well as the tools used and the printmaking processes, use of inks, solvents and the rest of the usable additives.

Among the more common techniques the following can be mentioned: Etching on metal; etching on wood, (xylography), etching on linoleum.

As in other artistic fields, and maybe more so than in any other, etching has alternative methods, materials and tools which offer multiple possibilities to the student.

Art classes in San Miguel de Allende


One of the more common etching techniques is “Dry Point,” which consists of making incisions directly onto the metal plate; etching with a “Buril”, differs from dry point etching because of the tool used which is similar, only that in this case the points used are triangular which differ from the first which is round.  Another direct technique on metal is “Mezzotinta” or manera Negra , which consists of the use of a special tool for this technique called Cuna or Berseau, which allows creating a fine texture over the whole plate in order to later burnish the parts which one may wish to flatten or smooth to create the contrast between light and shadow.

In etching al “Aguafuerte”, the plate may be covered with different varnishes depending on the sought-after result, in order to later draw upon the varnish lifting this with a point but without etching the metal.  Later, this plate is submerged in an acid bath, (etching solution), which penetrates in the drawn lines etching them, (hollow etching), and the longer it is left in the acid, the deeper the line will be made.

Different techniques can be combined for metal etching, such as dry point and aguafuerte, aguafuerte and aguatinta, aguatinta and sugar, etc.  The more frequent metals for this technique are copper, zinc, tin, steel, etc.


Etching on wood is done on wooden blocks of differing kinds using gouges (knives of differing thicknesses), with which lines, textures and different effects can be made.


As with etching on wood, with linoleum the only thing that changes are the tools used since linoleum is more flexible.

Alternative Materials and Techniques

Acetates, plastics, acrylics and PVC, etc., can be used as alternative surfaces along with electric tools, (Dremel), metal points, etc.  Stiff cardboard can also be used as a surface and paper cutouts can be pasted, or cutouts of other material in collage like style over the surface in order to, finally, color or print.


Monotype, is a technique which could be placed between painting and the stamp or a printed painting.  It is a fun technique and with immediate results.  It consists in applying colors which may be oil, watercolors, or water-soluble crayons over an acrylic, metal, acetate or other surface, in order to print it on paper later on and obtain a painting on paper.

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Cost per session

The cost per session per day is $60.00 USD, with a 10:00 to 14:00 hr. schedule.  Materials are included, except for the Encaustic Painting techniques and Painting al Fresco.